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This is where I'll place a few hyperlinks to various miscellaneous items or projects to complement my main site (currently in development as I type this out).

Practical Labs (Taylor's College)

Towards the later period of my time teaching in Taylor's College, I decided to try out hosting my practical lab work on GitHub Pages, simply to first gain experience using VuePress v1 and to emulate the idea my supervisor at the time from Sunway University used for his classes. For the most part, it's been successful at keeping everything much more organized and easier to add more material as a result.. not to also mention the ease of accessibility and readability. Now, the active ones are created using Material for MkDocs.

Have a look around! I intend on keeping them up for as long as I can even if I end my time at Taylor's in the future.

ITS30605 Web Programming ITS42004 Object-Oriented Programming
ITS30505 Introduction to Computing (in progress) ITS42104 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (discontinued)

Group Project Groupings

ITS30605 April 2022 ITS30605 August 2021 ITS30605 April 2021 ITS30605 August 2020 (Session 1) ITS30605 August 2020 (Session 2) ITS30605 August 2020 (Session 3)

Lecture Demos and Code Solutions

If you want to see the code I used to demonstrate certain concepts in class, or some of the solutions to the tasks I give out in my practical classes, here they are!

April 2022 Semester (Taylor's College)

ITS30605 Web Programming ITS42004 Object-Oriented Programming

Mini Projects

PKMN Type Matchups

Much more can be seen from my GitHub page! I'll put them in here if they're okay being shown off. 😉

Oscillo's Color Scheme

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Oscillo Strix (Kid)


SnowTrap's Color Scheme

SnowTrap (current)


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