Introduction to Computing

This site hosts optional practical lab work for ITS30505: Introduction to Computing, offered by the School of Pre-University Studies at Taylor's College.

# Aim

These optional practical lab exercises aim to provide an introduction to programming using the C programming language. The practical lab exercises do not correlate with the formal lessons conveyed during classes, and can be taken at one's own pace.

This is a small project I plan on slowly completing - in future, I do plan on evolving this website to also contain lab exercises for advanced C programming (including different data structures and algorithms, multithreading, etc.).

# Lab Exercises

Week Lesson Practical Lab
1 Introduction to C Programming Practical Preparation
2 Introduction to C Programming Practical 1
3 Program Control Structure (Part 1): Selection Statements Practical 2
4 Program Control Structure (Part 2): Loop Statements Practical 3
5 C Functions Practical 4
6 Arrays Practical 5
7 C Pointers Practical 6
8 C Strings Practical 7
9 Text I/O Practical 8