# Practical 02: Introduction to Project Management


Ensure that you have gone through Lecture 2: Introduction to Project Management before attempting this practical.

# Theroretical Questions

  1. Define project management. What does a project mean in project management, and how is it identified?

  2. Define system request. What are the elements typically contained in a system request?

  3. Define Technical Feasibility, Economic Feasibility and Operational Feasibility.

  4. What are FOUR (4) risks that can endanger the successful completion of a project?

  5. Briefly distinguish Tangible Costs from Intangible Costs. Give examples of each type under an e-hailing system scenario.

  6. Define portfolio management. What are the goals of portfolio management?

  7. Define computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools. What are some benefits of using CASE tools?

  8. List FOUR (4) common reasons why projects can fail.

# Hands-On Tasks

# Task 1

Given the information provided below and the Gantt chart layout provided, you are to construct a Gantt chart, with overlaps as specified.

Activity Letter Activity Description Duration (weeks)
A Train project team 4
B Project paperwork and systems design 2.5
C Modify purchased package 2
D Manual systems flow 1.5
E Modify in-house procedures 4
F Test and implement modifications to purchased package 1.5
G Test and implement manual 2.5
H Test and implement modifications to in-house procedures 1

# Task 2

Brian F. O'Bryne ("F", he says, stands for "frozen") owns a frozen-foods company and wants to develop an information system for tracking shipments to warehouses.

  1. Using the data from the following table, draw a Gantt chart to help Brian organize his design project.

    Description Task Must Follow Time (Weeks)
    Draw data flow A None 5
    Draw decision tree B A 4
    Revise tree C B 10
    Write up project D C and I 4
    Organize data dictionary E A 7
    Do output prototype F None 2
    Revise output design G F 9
    Write use cases H None 10
    Design database I H, E and G 8
  2. When is it appropriate to use a Gantt chart? What are the disadvantages of using a Gantt chart? Explain it in a paragraph.


Complete the given practical and submit it as your lecture attendance for Week 3.

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