# Practical 10: Construction


Ensure that you have gone through Lecture 10: Construction before attempting this practical.

# Theoretical Questions

  1. Elaborate the THREE (3) activities project managers must manage during a programming activity.

  2. Define system testing. Elaborate the purpose of testing in systems analysis and design, and when system testing is carried out.

  3. Elaborate the following stages in system testing:

    • Unit tests (including black-box testing, white-box testing)
    • Integration tests
    • System tests
    • Acceptance tests
  4. What is the difference between alpha testing and beta testing?

  5. Elaborate THREE (3) types of documentation used during systems development.

# Diagram Drawing Revision: Use-Case Diagram

Food Delivery System (FDS)

The Food Delivery System (FDS) is a platform that allows consumers to order food from various restaurants, where deliverers collect the ordered food and deliver to the consumers. Consumers will be able to choose from multiple different payment methods such as Credit Card, Cash on Delivery, e-Wallet, etc.

Consumers can keep track of the location of the deliverer and the temperature of the food. When the deliverer is nearby the destination or the food temperature is not desirable, the system will prompt the consumers through a notification regarding the latest location and food temperature.

Deliverers are required to accept food delivery requests prompted by restaurants. Once accepted, consumers are notified on who is delivering their food. In the case of a late delivery (after a given reasonable period) or the food temperature is not desired, the deliverer will receive a penalty deduction on the delivery commission. At the end of each month, the system will generate a commission report showing the earnings of the deliverer.

Once a consumer has placed an order, the restaurant is required to create a delivery request. Restaurants are required to consistently update their food menu. At the end of each month, the system will generate a total sales report showing the sales of the restaurant.

Create a Use-Case Diagram for the above Food Delivery System (FDS). You are required to include the required actors and appropriate relationships.


Complete the given practical and submit it as your lecture attendance for Week 12.

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