# Practical 04: Context Diagram & Data Flow Diagram (DFD)


Ensure that you have gone through Lecture 3: Requirements Determination and Lecture 4: Structuring System Process Requirements before attempting this practical.

# Hands-On Tasks

# Task: Full Context Diagram and Data Flow Diagram Question

Online Ordering System

Today, online shopping has changed how we live and carry out our daily activities. It offers information literally at our fingertips, generating earnings at residence, internet funds transfer options. Shopping on the World Wide Web is a whole lot simpler. We are able to say it has supplied us with lots of possibilities on the internet. Online shopping is quick, standard and simple; an effortless process compared to shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. When we do buy from normal stores, we spend substantial amount of time travelling, looking for parking space, and time is wasted even looking for the location of the store. On the internet, we are able to buy anything at our comfort at anytime, anyplace. These online shops let us browse limitless possibilities which are unavailable at conventional stores.

In addition, purchasing via an online store increases our productivity time as we do not have to queue at payment counters. Through using the Online shopping system, time is saved as it only requires a few clicks to purchase what we desire. Furthermore, shopping online too provides the customer with good online support from sales representatives whose support are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By shopping online, you not only save time, but you are able to save your money. These stores provide numerous discounts and deals when buying the product. It is an extremely simple process, hence making it more efficient than regular shops. Some of the common products that are favored by customers to buy online via these stores include sports equipment, consumer electronics, jewelry, and training material.

  1. Produce a Context Diagram for the above Online Ordering System.

  2. Hence, produce a Level-0 Data Flow Diagram based on your context diagram.

You may need to make assumptions to show complete diagrams. (e.g. prompts on selecting purchase, return database query results, what is shown after logging in)


Complete the given practical and submit it as your lecture attendance for Week 5.

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